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Marian University will help you launch a vocal or instrumental performing career by offering training that is challenging, enriching and full of variety. Because we are a small department, individualized attention is our forte; our goal is that all students will succeed in their chosen path in music, and we are ready to help you begin today. A pastoral music ministry major will prepare you for a career in pastoral music ministry in schools, parishes, and higher education. This major combines a music major curriculum with a strong theology and ministry component.

The mission of the Marian University Music Division is to empower students with knowledge and performance skills in a creative and supportive environment of learning.

Degree Requirements

Major for Bachelors of Arts Degree (B.A.) in Pastoral Music Ministry
The following courses are required: MUS 125, 126, 330, 430, 490, THL 105, 226, 228, 236, MUS 257, THL 170, MUS 357, and a minimum of six credits in voice and piano, eight semesters in a vocal ensemble, and two years mentoring and internship.
Note: In addition to the above, all music majors must participate in at least one of the musical organizations each semester, earning a minimum of eight credits toward degree requirements. These credits are beyond the total for the major. All music majors must attend on-campus recitals, off-campus musical performances, successfully complete a keyboard proficiency exam, and give a junior and senior recital.
Each incoming freshman or transfer student is considered a pre-music major. Upon successful completion of the required fourth semester qualifying exam, the student is formally accepted as a music major and proceeds with upper division courses and recitals. For transfer students, this exam is administered at a time deemed appropriate by the faculty.

Musical Organizations
Non-music majors are welcome to participate in the musical organizations for credit or on a non-credit basis. Tuition and fees are assessed the same in either case. A combined total of 12 credits accumulated in these organizations and in activity courses may be included in the 128 credits for a degree.

Applied Music
Students may enroll in individual instruction in music at the 100, 200, or 300 level. Individual instruction is offered every semester. A fee of $90 per credit is charged for all degree seeking students. Non-matriculated students and students who are enrolled for no credit are charged a $200 fee. See the course list for offerings.

Each private lesson takes place at an arranged time between the student and the professor. All private students are required to sign up for a lesson time in the Music Building prior to the beginning of each semester.

100 level is for non-majors, majors, or minors studying a secondary instrument. Instructor permission is required.

  • one credit: one half-hour private lesson per week
  • two credits: one hour private lesson per week 

200 level is for beginning majors and minors. Instructor permission is required.

  • one credit: one half-hour private lesson per week 
  • two credits: one hour private lesson per week 

300 level is for advanced majors and minors preparing for a recital. Instructor permission is required

  • one credit: one half-hour private lesson per week 
  • two credits: one hour private lesson per week 

For More Information, Contact:

Clare Bain
Director of Music Ministry


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