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Joey Newton '07

Choral director, Roncalli High School

  • Bachelor of Arts degree, major in elementary education
  • School of Education

“My professors taught me about instructing, managing, and most importantly loving a class,” he says. ”And through my extra-curricular activities, I gained a lot of confidence and learned that I can do things I didn't think I could do.”

Marian University has helped him fully develop his passion for Catholic education. “This is where I feel God wants me, and this is what I love doing.”

To say that Joey Newton was an over-involved undergraduate is an understatement. The elementary education major held a variety of leadership positions, from resident assistant to senior class president to member of the band and Sacred Choir, to name a few. And, the skills he learned in these positions come in handy today. “Being a resident assistant helped me develop leadership and management skills,” he says. His involvement on campus also helped him discover new talents; joining the Marian University Sacred Choir inspired him to become a choral director. “The skills, techniques, and passion for music that I developed at Marian University are on my mind every time I direct my choir,” he says. 

Newton’s campus activities, coupled with great teaching and learning, prepared him well for his current roles as choral director at Roncalli High School and pianist and choral director at St. Roch Parish, where he taught for several years.


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