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Learn about all of the requirements to maintain your scholarship, see a list of programs and services that are offered to you as a 21st Century scholar, and find contact information for staff who are here to support you!

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Why Choose Marian University's 21st Century Scholars Program?

Marian University offers academically challenging, faith-filled, and life changing opportunities for Indiana's 21st Century Scholars. In fact, we awarded over $27 million in grants, scholarships, and financial aid last year.

As a 21st Century Scholar, you will be surrounded by peers who are on similar journeys. Faculty and staff will give you support, guidance, and encouragement every step of the way. You'll also have access to support services, programs, and resources designed to help you meet your academic and career goals. 

Here are a few of the programs and services we offer.

Mentor to Success

This program will engage and empower you as you begin your first-year. We'll connect you with experienced students who can answer your questions and offer advice about campus life. You will have:

  • Support and encouragement from a successful upperclassman as you transition from high school to college.
  • Direct access to campus resources, faculty, and staff who will help you grow academically and socially.
  • Opportunities to stretch yourself, like building leadership skills through campus involvement.

Student Success Seminars

These seminars include a series of workshops to help you successfully navigate the university. You'll receive valuable information, ideas, recommendations, and suggestions from the campus community.

Social events

We plan social, cultural, and other events to enrich your college experience. Most are free or have a nominal fee for participation. Examples include attending Indiana Pacers, Indianapolis Indians, and other sports events, going downtown for a Broadway musical, and trips to the movies, ice skating, and bowling. We also host on-campus social and networking opportunities.

Community Mentoring Program

The Community Mentoring Program connects Marian University's second-year and third-year 21st Century scholars with experienced local professionals in fields like business, education, healthcare, and the sciences. Offering real-world perspectives, career advice, and more, these community mentors want to help you achieve your career aspirations.

Scholarships and financial aid are available

Marian University's 21st Century Scholar Tuition Scholarship is an incredible opportunity for students who want a high-quality private university experience. Up to 50 incoming students are awarded this scholarship each year, which is funded through a combination of federal, state, and university aid.

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DeLeon Ayeni
Director of the 21st Century Scholars Program
(317) 955-6330

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