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Emergency Procedures

Emergency Numbers

On Campus

  • Dial extension 6789.
  • Dial 9.911, then follow up with a call to extension 6789 so Marian University police officers can assist in directing emergency personnel to your specific campus location.

Off Campus

  • Dial 317.955.6789 from a cell phone or other off-campus number.

Emergencies can occur at any time, without warning. A well-coordinated response helps prevent personal injury, property damage, and lessen the resulting confusion. Careful planning, with an emphasis on safety, can help everyone on campus handle crises and emergencies with appropriate responses, and save lives. There is no guarantee that a perfect response to emergencies is practical or possible. Therefore, a plan should be considered a guide for building occupants to familiarize themselves with basic emergency planning, response, and evacuation.

General Emergency Procedures
Emergency Procedures Handbook

In instances where emergency procedures given by the Marian University Office of Campus Safety and Police Services (campus police) differ from those on this web site, such procedures will supersede the instructions on this website.

Checklist: What Every Student Should Know

  • Where campus emergency phone numbers are posted
  • The location of a fire alarm manual pull station
  • The location of two portable fire extinguishers
  • At least two evacuation routes (an elevator is never a way out during a fire)
  • The two nearest areas of refuge
  • Where emergency supplies are located
  • To stay outside during an evacuation, until instructed otherwise by campus police
  • To leave or seek shelter when an alarm sounds

Collaborative Aid/Assistance Plan

Because of our proximity to I-65 and downtown Indianapolis, we are part of a collaborative aid/assistance plan involving several agencies. Our campus could be used in the event of a catastrophic emergency; e.g. using the campus and its buildings as a shelter for families who have lost their homes in a tornado, a triage site for medical emergencies, or an evacuation site. In these instances, please await instructions and cooperate with university and emergency personnel.

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