Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Communication

Interested in careers in which you inform and influence others? Like to critique broadcasts by news media outlets and content published on social media? How about analyzing diverse communications and perspectives on topics like religion, science, and politics?

If this sounds like you, consider earning a degree in communication—we’ll help you gain the knowledge, skills, and experience to create messages that mean business.

Why choose the B.A. in communication at Marian?

Students who major in communication study all the ways that words and symbols shape how we view the world around us.

As a communication major at Marian, you can expect to:

  • Work closely with faculty advisors to develop a personal plan of study that fits your interests and goals.
  • Complete a high-impact, experiential curriculum grounded in the liberal arts, rhetoric, and our Franciscan values.
  • Gain real-world, hands-on experience through internships, research projects, and community engagement courses.
  • Learn how to analyze context, credibility, and ideology in contemporary media.
  • Build a professional portfolio showcasing your work.
  • Explore your spirituality and faith on a close-knit Catholic campus that welcomes students from all faith traditions.

Double-down with a double major

A communication degree is a natural fit for students interested in double majors. You can earn TWO undergraduate degrees with a standard course load each semester. Several courses count toward both majors, thereby reducing the overall number of required classes. These pairings include the B.A. in communication and:

For complete descriptions of requirements, review our catalog of courses and course sections and undergraduate catalog of programs. Click the button to download a sample four-year plan of study and course checklist.

Sample four-year plan and checklist

What are your career paths?

You will have lots of flexibility and versatility in the careers you can pursue. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, here are some of the nation’s most common communication occupations, including projected growth in employment demand and median pay.

Occupation Growth through 2026  2017 median salary 
Art director
Five percent  $92,500 
Writer and author  Eight percent  $61,820 
Multimedia artist and animator  Eight percent  $70,530 
Public relations specialist* Nine percent  $59,300
Public relations and fundraising manager** 10 percent  $111,280
Advertising, promotions, and marketing manager** 10 percent  $129,380 
Technical writer
11 percent  $70,930 
Meeting, convention, and event planner
11 percent  $48,290 
Producer and/or director (showrunner)  12 percent $71,620 
Film/video editor and camera operator***  13 percent  $58,210 
Web developer  15 percent  $67,990 

  * Includes positions like social media coordinator and social media specialist.
 ** Includes content, digital media, and social media manager.
*** Includes web, social media, and streaming video sites.

For admission information

Office of Undergraduate Admission
(317) 955-6300
(800) 772-7264

For program specifics

Rev. George LaMaster, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Communication
(317) 955-6215

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