Wireless setup - Windows 7

Please use the following sequences for Windows Computers running Windows 7.
On the desktop in the right-hand corner select the Network Indicator.
Select MUSecure and select Connect

The username and password that you use to connect to MUSecure, is also your Marian University Webmail password.

Once you have input your credentials select ​Connect when the Windows Security Alert pops up and wait for the connection to be established.


In the lower right hand corner of your desktop, please locate you wireless icon. Right click on the icon and select Open Network and Sharing Center button.

A window will appear. In the left hand column of the window select Manage Wireless Networks. That will bring you to a new page, where you will need to locate the MUSecure network in your list of wireless networks. (Note: you may have several wireless networks listed)

After the successful removal of MUSecure, please select Add and Manually create a network profile. Please input the following values in the fields:

Network Name: MUSecure     

Security Type: WPA2-Enterprise

Please leave the Security Key field blank, then click Next

A new window will appear, please select Change connection settings. The MUSecure Wireless Network Properties page will open. Click Settings.

Uncheck the Validate server certificate box. Select the Configure… button. Uncheck the Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any). Click Ok

User authentication. Click Ok. Close all open windows. 

Click bubble Additional information is needed to connect to MUSecure. Enter your credentials when prompted.  Then press OK.

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